Conference venue

We would like to invite you to open our 18th ICPG conference 9. 11. 2022 from 18:00 (6:00 PM) in ART CAFÉ which is located
Karlova 2
110 00 Staré Město
Prague 1


GPS: 50.0859697N, 14.4146067E


House of Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies            
Novotného lávka 5
Prague 1

GPS: 50.0854139N, 14.4132978E


How to get here:

The easiest way how to get to 18th ICPG conference is to use a metro, tram or bus to Staroměstská station and then you can walk or take a tram number 17 or 18 for a one stop to the Karlovy lážně station. If you use a tram you will have our building on your your right side. You will go a few steps backwards against the direction of your travel by tram and turn left before you go into underpass.


Conference dinner

Pražská čokoláda s.r.o.
Plzeňská 344
Prague 6

GPS: 50.0614092N, 14.3062992E