Special Issue "Polysaccharides: From Basic Research to Advanced Applications"

Polysaccharides are polymers that are widespread in nature. Their structure is linear to highly branched and is used as energy storage or plays the role of structural components. Some of them have very specific functions and properties. Although polysaccharides have been well known for centuries, there are actual studies that push polysaccharide research further. Research starts with the isolation and structural characterisation of unknown polysaccharides, followed by their use in applications such as medicine, pharmacy, food, and cosmetics industries.
This special issue focuses on the wide range of research from the isolation, structure, and composition of polysaccharides to their general and specific applications such as wound dressings, drug delivery systems, and nanoparticles. The authors may publish studies using the latest analytical methods such as chromatography (LC, GC, GPC) and spectroscopy (FTIR, NMR) as well as SEM, AFM, and others for the evaluation of polysaccharides e. g. in food, biomaterials, and drug delivery applications.

Dr. Roman Bleha
Dr. Seonghun Kim
Dr. Jacek Lewandowicz
Guest Editors.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 28 February 2023.

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