Huber Anton, Prof. Dr.

IfC – Institut f. Chemie / KF-Univ. Graz PS&HC – Polysaccharides and Hydrocolloids
Polysaccharides: Molecules forming Hydrocolloidal Systems

Expertise & Focus of Research:
  • Characterization of hydrocolloidal systems with respect to dimension, architecture, interaction, mobility, stability and response capabilities
  • polymer analysis: structure and dynamics on molecular and supermolecular level: determination of mass and molar distributions of molecular dimensions, molecular conformations and interactive properties
  • liquid chromatography separation of polysaccharides + multiple in-line detection for absolute determination of structural and dynamic characteristics
  • combined application and evaluation of destructive and non-destructive pure chemical and biochemical techniques to obtain structural and dynamic polymer key-characteristics
  • software supported data analysis + development of software algorithms
  • system sciences: structure, characteristics and functionality of self-organizing systems with particular focus on the role of polysaccharides in biological systems

Selected Activities:
2007–2023 Representative of Univ Graz as partner in EPNOE (European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence,
with particular focus on developing the Academic branch of the EPNOE Education Roadmap
2007–2022 Head Curricula Commission for Bachelor and Master Programs in Environmental Systems Sciences (ESS)
2004–2008 Austrian / KFUG coordinator within the EU-US Educational 'Renewable Resources and Clean Technology Research and Curriculum Consortium' of Univ.Arkansas, Fayetteville / US, Iowa State Univ., Ames, Iowa / US, Univ. Washington, Seattle / US, Univ. Gent / B, Univ.Graz / A, Inst.Nat. Polytech.Touluse / F.
2008–2011 Planning, administration and hosting 4x Erasmus Intensive Programme 'Sustainable Utilization of Renewable Resources'
2004–2006 KFUG coordinator in the EU-Intensive Project (IP) 'Renewable Biomaterials' (Socrates Programme: Higher Education (ERASMUS)
2004–2005 KFUG-coordinator for Socrates dissemination project for the IP 'Renewable Resources'
2003    Co-organization of Socrates Intensive Program 'Agriculture: Source of Raw Material for Industry', Vienna / Graz, Feb. 9-22, 2003
2002/2003 Development of a supplementary remote-control unit for light scattering device KMX-6: hardware - Burr Brown A/D, D/A-converter / software - CODAwin32, CPCwin32
since 1994 CPCwin/CODAwin: 'Development of software-packages for chromatography-multiple detection experiments covering data acquisition (autosampler/batch-mode), basic and extended data processing based on Win3.11, Win95 and Win98; CPCwin32 and CODAwin32 for Win95, Win98 and Windows NT4.0;