Dr. Carlos Stortz

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Atypical sulfated galactans from the red seaweed Schizymenia dubyi (Nemastomatales)


Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, 1984.
Post-doc: Georgia State University, 1986-1988.
Full Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires
Superior Researcher, National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET)
Editor of Carbohydrate Polymers, 2018-
Supervisor or co-supervisor of 9 Ph.D.Theses and 1 Master Thesis.
Coauthor of 122 original papers and 8 reviews (in books or journals)
h-index: 27 (Scopus), 32 (Google Scholar).
President of the Argentinean Society for Research in Organic Chemistry (SAIQO) 2015-2017.
Director of 19 funded Research Projects, since 1995.

Selected publications:
  • “Fucoidans from the brown seaweed Adenocystis utricularis: extraction methods, antiviral activity and structural studies”.  N. M. A. Ponce, C. A. Pujol, E. B. Damonte, M. L. Flores & C. A. Stortz, Carbohydr. Res. 2003, 338, 153-165. 
  • “Determination of the configuration of 3,6-anhydrogalactose and cyclizable -galactose 6-sulfate units in red seaweed galactans”. D. A. Navarro & C. A. Stortz,  Carbohydr. Res. 2003, 338, 2111-2118.
  • “Evaluation of density functionals and basis sets for carbohydrates”. G. I. Csonka, A. D. French, G. P. Johnson &  C. A. Stortz, J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2009, 5, 679-692.
  • “Partial and total C-6 oxidation of gelling carrageenans. Modulation of the antiviral activity with the anionic character”.     V. A. Cosenza, D. A. Navarro, C. A. Pujol, E. B. Damonte & C. A. Stortz,  Carbohydr. Polymers, 2015, 128, 199–206. 
  • “A comprehensive and comparative analysis of the fucoidan compositional data across the Phaeophyceae”, N. M. A. Ponce & C. A. Stortz, Frontiers in Plant Science, 2020, 11, 55631