Dr. Marcus Schmidt

Max Rubner-Institut, Germany
Dietary fibers as functional food ingredients


Dr. Marcus Schmidt, studied at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, graduating as a food chemist. He conducted research on the bio-preservation of cereals and cereal products with a PhD in Food Science and Technology at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland under Prof. Elke Arendt. Since 2020, he is working at the Max Rubner-Institute as head of the non-starch carbohydrates research group. Current work topics include FODMAP (fermentable oligo-, di- and monosaccharides, and polyols) and dietary fiber.

Selected publications:
  • Schmidt, Marcus, Berthold Wiege, and Jürgen Hollmann. "Comparison of Alkaline/Oxidative and Hydrothermal Extraction of Wheat Bran Arabinoxylans." Foods 10.4 (2021): 826.
  • Schmidt, Marcus. "Cereal beta-glucans: an underutilized health endorsing food ingredient." Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (2020): 1-20.
  • Schmidt, Marcus, and Elisabeth Sciurba. "Determination of FODMAP contents of common wheat and rye breads and the effects of processing on the final contents." European Food Research and Technology (2020): 1-16.
  • Schmidt, Marcus, Arendt, Elke Karin and Thery, Thibaut Lillian Claude. Isolation and characterisation of the antifungal activity of the cowpea defensin Cp-thionin II. Food Microbiology 82 (2019): 504-514.
  • Schmidt, Marcus, Zannini, Emanuele and Arendt, Elke Karin. Screening of post-harvest decontamination methods for cereal grains and their impact on grain quality and technological performance. European Food Research and Technology 245.5 (2019): 1061-1074.