Dr. Elisabete Coelho

University of Aveiro, Portugal

The occurrence of exquisite structural features on yeast cell wall polysaccharides with the brewery process: An opportunity for its valuation in novel applications 



Dr. Elisabete Coelho has completed her PhD in 2010, University of Aveiro. She is Researcher at University of Aveiro working on the Valuation of by-products from agro-food industry – Extraction of polysaccharides with bioactive properties for use as food ingredients and in biomedical applications, coordinating a Research Project entitled Yeast4FoodMed - Valuation of brewers spent yeast polysaccharides for food and biomedical applications. She is participant in 7 ongoing research projects funded by different Portuguese entities and industry. She has been specialized in food chemistry, her areas of expertise are polysaccharides, by-products valuation, biomedical applications, and volatile compounds. Her research activities have been focused on structural characterization of polysaccharides and structure-function relationship. She has published 40 papers, 3 book chapters, 1 patent, and has more than 100 communications in congress. She is supervisor of 3 PhD students and supervised 28 Msc students.

Papers cited on Journal Citation Reports (40, 944 citations, h index -18, on 29/06/21),
Selected publications:

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