Call for abstracts + full text

The Scientific Committee of the 15th Conference on Polysaccharides-Glycoscience invites all colleagues to submit abstracts and full texts

Deadlines for submission of abstracts and full texts:


The call is open until
28 June 2019 15 July 2019 for submission of abstracts to be evaluated as contributions for oral session presentation, or poster presentation. 

Abstracts received after 28 June 2019 15 July 2019 are considered as poster presentations.
The extent of the abstract is 5 rows of the text (font size 9 pt, Times New Roman) besides the following head.
Two lines of Acknowledgements can complete your abstract.

Full texts:
The manuscript can be in *.doc or *.docx form.  All accepted full texts received  30 August 2019 prolonged to 15 September 2019 will be included in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN. Abstracts from full texts of Proceedings of the International Conference on Polysaccharides-Glycoscience are included in ISI database (Web of Knowledge). Note please that the abstract is also a part of the full text.

The scope of full texts is 2-6 pages.  The full text has to be written in English language.
Max. 1 abstract and 1 full text per a participant is permitted.

Please send the abstract and the manuscript only via:

For your abstract and the full text: the template and
the electronic sending are in the same way

Publication ethic:

The Conference Proceedings endorses the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines and will pursue cases of
suspected research and publication misconduct. In such cases, the journal will follow the processes set out by COPE.

The Conference Proceedings also participates in the new CrossRef service CrossCheck, a plagiarism screening tool that
allows the comparison of authored work against the content in the internet database of published work to highlight matching or similar
text sections. Please be aware that manuscripts submitted to Conference Proceedings will be subject to random testing using
the CrossCheck software. Please note that papers with a high percentage of copied text will be rejected.


Lecture sections will be based on 15 minutes rigid schedules. For keynote lectures 40 minutes are reserved. Every lecture room is equipped by a dataprojector incl. a notebook.  Authors will hand over their presentation in PowerPoint on a flash disc before start of the session.  It is possible to use your own notebook.   

Posters max. width 90 cm, max. height 110 cm. Posters will be available during all day scheduled in the program.  

The lectures and posters should be presented in English.


Rules for Young Scientist's Competition:

- undergraduate and postgraduate students 30 years and below
- each competitor should submit the abstract and full text prior to deadline
30 August 2019 prolonged to
 15 September 2019
- winners of the competition will receive financial prizes
- the best lectures and/or posters are selected by members of the Scientific Committee
; for the poster presenters is evaualated also the discussion in front of the poster

Your questions and remarks please send to: